"It's not too late to be what you might have been." George Elliot

Dylan Thomas exhorted us to. . .

'Go not gently into that good night'. 

This website intends following his advice.

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TalesFromWales.net aims to become a platform for self published and aspiring authors fed up with hearing that familiar and endearing response from established publishers.

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Book Of The Week
Where Rowans Intertwine
by Margaret Grant


‘Where Rowans Intertwine’ is a novel about the spiritual journey of a young novice Druid priestess and healer, who battles with the cultural and spiritual challenges of a world governed by Roman invaders. It is set on the island of Mona (Anglesey in North Wales), two hundred years after the attempted annihilation of Druidism by mass slaughter. 









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Billy Angelis and The Pit of Shadows

(Featuring the Neath Male Voice Choir singing Myfannwy)


Trailer for:
A Manhattan Ghost Story


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Tales From Wales
Spring 2018

:Short Stories:

A Touch of Gloss
- Bel Roberts
What happens when a stranger returns from the war?

Smart Phone - Paul Worthington
Evil used to lurk in crypts - not any more.

The Accident - Stuart Kear
Murder deep underground with a dark twist.

God Help Us, It's John Palfrey
- Rob Benbow
We've all heard of Matthew Hopkins but what ever happened to John Palfrey?

Star Blogger:
The Diary of Roxy Collins - Lucy Mitchell
Single mum Roxy is beset by problems, not least a decidedly dodgy shower.

Tom Stephens' Riot - On an errand of mercy Tom is caught in the middle of the Tonypandy Riots and the mounted police are about to charge. A true event.





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Author Extracts:

Between the Tides - Historical Drama by exciting new Welsh/Australian author Elizabeth Jane Corbett

The Iron Masters - Graham Watkins transports us back to the Merthyr of the Industrial Revolution on the eve of the Battle of Trafalgar.

What if someone could invade your dreams? 'Get Out of My Dreams' is an ingenious thriller from the pen of Allan Lewis.

The excellent Jan Ruth writes women's fiction with an equine background. 'Palamino Sky' is a must read.

Amanda Aubrey-Burden is a talented new writer with a penchant for the supernatural.

 'The Devil's Messiah' and 'The Ghost Horse of Galinas Moor'' have both been eagerly received by horror/supernatural aficianados.
Amanda's new novel 'The Journey of Jonas Llewellyn' is available from March 1st,


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